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Combat Hunter is a Marine Corps training program that uses hunting and profiling skills to teach military personnel situational awareness, including spotting suspicious behavior to ID insurgents among the civilian population or tracking enemies who have passed through (or tampered with) an area. Live actors and real-life environments are used to help soldiers analyze situations on the fly in practical exercises.

The Combat Hunter Profiling Part Task Trainer Minigame (CHP-PTTM) is a Flash-based online application for use with the Combat Profiling® portion of the training program, designed using best practices from training psychology for reinforcement of situational awareness and cue recognition. The software presents situations containing key anomalies that, when properly registered by the Marine, would avert disaster in the field and spare both civilian and military lives. The CHP-PTT effort is funded by JTIEC as part of a continuing effort to increase cognitive dominance within the Armed Forces.


Combat Hunter Profiling

Part-Task Trainer Minigame

Military and Government

Combat Medic Card Games

Combat Medic Card Games is a research project into using playing cards to reinforce learning of lifesaving emergency care on the battlefield by individuals or small groups. The deck offers 4 variants of standard card games modified to focus on the precise step sequence for treatments in 3 common, life-threatening wound categories: Hemorrhage, Obstructed Airway and Tension Pneumothorax. Each category has multiple treatment options, for a total of 7 unique procedures.

Whether playing a Combat Medic game, a standard 52-card deck game or using the deck as flash cards, the deck will encourage students to: accurately select the most appropriate treatment, recall and apply individual steps in sequential order, increase dexterity and recall speed under simulated stress, cooperate with others in a team environment, and comprehend and follow verbal instructions from teammates. The flexible game framework allows for expansion and rapid changes to serve new audiences and reflect new procedures, treatments and unique situations.

Defense Acquisition University provides professional training to almost the entire DoD AT&L (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics) workforce. As part of an initiative to explore simulation and gaming for their curriculum, METIL developed the CardSim scenario-based card game. Teams take on roles within the AT&L workforce and apply Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) to complete project scenarios while addressing project interruptors. The game reinforces the AT&L knowledge base while supplementing team communication, coordination and understanding of team members' various roles and responsibilities within the workforce.

CardSim was developed based on research by UCF's Team Performance Lab into team training requirements, combined with gameplay structures inspired by commercial collectible card games. The low fidelity framework makes implementation simple, and the flexible structure (based around expansion decks) allows CardSim to be tailored to all areas of the DAU curriculum.

We have developed a Flash-based online interface for the game, and are exploring the possibility for more delivery options, including a mobile version or integration with virtual worlds.

Defense Acquisition

University CardSim

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