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UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training (IST), working through the UCF Foundation, seeks to encourage STEM education in general, and to promote aviation as a career path. The showcase will feature messages from female and minority pilots and aviation leaders promoting aviation as a career choice. IST will develop both a traveling aviation STEM outreach showcase and a permanent exhibit to live at the Cade Museum in north central Florida to introduce, educate, and inspire young people about aviation and the many career opportunities it offers.


Through this outreach and showcase, UCF IST hopes to reach underserved populations who might not otherwise be exposed to aviation and see themselves as future pilots — therefore encouraging a more diverse group of students to pursue aviation. The ultimate goal is to foster interest and excitement about aviation and create a more diverse pipeline and workforce.


We aim to reach 25,000 students in year one through partnerships with our school systems and in-kind support from organizations such as the Cade Museum, Kennedy Space Center, Blue Origin, Orange County Public Schools, Orange Technical College, and others.

Our showcase features a variety of activities that puts students in the pilot seat including:

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