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The Johnson & Johnson PRD 3D University is a virtual world onboarding system for Johnson & Johnson, allowing constant new employee training and orientation from all locations worldwide while fostering communication among the employee base. Employees can launch corporate learning materials and exercises, get help from HR personnel and collaborate with colleagues across the globe.

METIL continues to provide consultation and development services for PRD 3D University, along with mobile, simulations, and Web 2.0 techniques and products to help connect and streamline processes for Johnson & Johnson's global workforce.

Johnson & Johnson


In partnership with Dr. Juan Cendan at the UCF College of Medicine, METIL developed a web-based virtual family simulation that condenses 20 years of family practice and medical history into 4 years of medical education. The platform provides a method for long term exposure to a variety of medical conditions in the role of a family practitioner. Students complete various medical cases involving the different family members via a realistic, multi-stage process that begins with a patient interview to assess symptoms. Once the student has gathered enough information, they can request medical tests such as X-Rays, MRIs, or blood tests. After a specific amount of time determined by the system, the user will receive a notification of results via email or text message and can either view them directly on their mobile device or on a desktop/laptop browser. Students may also receive case updates or notifications of a new case via voice mails recorded by patient actors, which they can access directly through a specific phone number or via the mobile/web application. Once the student has enough information, they can make a diagnosis and enter their full case notes. The framework is adaptable for a range of content, contexts, and use cases.

Reality Medicine Virtual Family

The Universal Connectivity Framework (UCF) 3D mHealth Widget Provides universal access to DICOM PACS data and advanced 3D visualizations for practitioners, staff and patients to view and manipulate medical imaging. We have solved the problem of cross browser, device and app viewing of advanced 3D data types by creating a widget "controllable window" to an advanced imaging server. Clinicians, staff and radiologists now have ready access without expensive custom medical visualization systems. Pilots are currently underway with Dr. Andrew Payer at the UCF College of Medicine, for 3D visualization of cadaver scans.




Universal Connectivity Framework

METIL also supported the 3D content for McGraw Hill Digital Textbooks. In approximately 6 weeks, we developed 150 microbiology models (parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc.) for inclusion as 3D animations within the iPad interactive textbooks. Each model was reviewed by a subject matter expert for accuracy. Partners included Dr. Jonathan Kibble at the UCF College of Medicine.

Medical Micro

Breast Cancer Axillary Exam

METIL worked with Dr. Judith Simms-Cendan at the UCF College of Medicine to create a high-fidelity animation depicting an axillary breast examination with transparency in key areas to demonstrate proper depth so as to detect lymph nodes along the chest wall. In addition, several still renderings of proper breast examination techniques were paired with the animation to support a self-directed learning module. The module has since been published to MedEd Portal.

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